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DID Numbers for Traveling / Roaming

Save On Roaming (Travel)

Using your mobile phone outside of your carrier’s limited service area or home calling area is known as roaming. Roaming is not a free service.

Carriers charge a higher per minute rate for roaming capability. Fees for roaming are not standard and differ from carrier to carrier.

Charges may also involve long distance charges.  DID-Numbers.com  service allows you to bypass roaming charges altogether or at the very least reduce them considerably. Now you can travel overseas with the peace of mind, of knowing that roaming charges will not concern you.

The most effective way to avoid roaming costs is to purchase DID-Numbers.com DID Number.  DID-Numbers.com saves you up to 80% on international roaming fees with international call forwarding solutions.


How to forward your calls

With  DID-Numbers.com DID telephone number solutions now comes your chance to completely get rid of roaming charges. Here's how it works:

  1. Before leaving for your trip order a DID telephone number in the country of your current residence.
  2. In our web-based DID telephone number management system, assign a temporary telephone number or Skype account as the destination for incoming calls.
  3. Right before leaving for your trip, configure on your mobile phone to forward all incoming calls to your new DID telephone number. You are free to make this configuration either by yourself or ask your mobile phone provider for assistance.
  4. Once you've arrived at your destination, purchase a local SIM card and insert it into your mobile phone.
  5. In our web-based DID telephone number management system, replace the temporary number you have assigned earlier with the number of your new SIM card.
  6. That's it! You are now able to place and receive calls without any roaming charges. Incoming calls will be charged at a low per-minute rate (see our forwarding rates) and outgoing calls will be made from your local SIM at affordable rates charged by the local provider. 

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