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DID Numbers for Business

By utilizing DID-Numbers.com DID telephone number solutions you can now extend your worldwide presence within just a few minutes. Do you have customers and business partners outside of your own country? Then simply get a DID telephone number in a country of your choice and allow your customers to call you at a cheap local rate. If they hold a local flat-rate plan they can even call you completely free of charge.

Add some prestige points to your business and create a new incentive to call you. This way you are able to increase your sales and improve your customer service offering. By choosing from more than 60 countries worldwide creating a new local presence couldn't be easier. DID-Numbers.com flexible forwarding options allow you to receive incoming calls on either Skype, Google Talk, a Voice-over-IP provider of your choice, a SIP, H.323 or IAX destination, and of course on any landline or mobile phone number worldwide.

If you have a lot of incoming calls then you might want to look at our DID PRI option. DID PRI allows you to receive 30 concurrent calls on a single DID telephone number. Currently, DID PRI is available in 17 countries.

You won't have to purchase any hardware, there's no need to switch your current telephony provider and through our easy to use, web-based DID telephone number management system you get all the flexibility you need. Give a boost to your business now!


What can  DID-Numbers.com DID Number do for your business?

Are you a business owner and you want to increase your productivity, by putting your business on the world map?

Would you like to have services that until recently only the largest and wealthiest companies could afford?

If you answered “YES” - you are a perfect candidate for  DID-Numbers.com – DID Number, the ultimate professional small business phone solution. Think about it. You’ll actually be projecting a big business image, and enjoy telecommunications features and benefits previously beyond the reach of a small business running a modest budget. Yet, your monthly phone costs will remain low – perhaps even less than they were before you signed up with  DID-Numbers.com . Your office productivity, efficiency, and sales rate will improve with the use of this amazing tool! The DID Phone Number with VPBX system gives people a way to reach you without having to keep track of multiple cell phone and office numbers.

Many companies have clientele that prefer to deal with local businesses. Publishing a local number in several countries can make the firm seem big and stable. No matter where you are, people can find you easily! The online system is very simple to use.

Incoming calls can be forwarded to:

  • Your mobile phone
  • Your landline
  • Skype
  • Google Talk
  • A Voice-over-IP (VoIP) provider of your choice
  • Any SIP, H.323 or IAX destination
 DID-Numbers.com is the answer you’ve been waiting for. With no hardware to purchase, no switching of business phone systems provider and a full list of valuable features, DID-Numbers.com DID phone number service is a powerful and inexpensive communications tool for any business.

United States: +1 (718) 770-3665   |   United Kingdom: +44-2037699519   |   South Africa: +27-115682441   |   Cameroon: +237-677883061

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