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DID Numbers and Call Forwarding Solutions

  • DID Numbers for Business :
    Do you have customers and business partners outside of your own country? Then simply get a DID telephone number in a country of your choice and allow your customers to call you at a cheap local rate. If they hold a local flat-rate plan they can even call you completely free of charge. Increase your international presence and get a DID number in the country of your customers and business partners. 
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  • DID Numbers for Family and Friends :
    Have some folks abroad? Get a DID number in their country or city and have them call you for free (or really cheap). Now is your chance to save a lot of money when calling your family or friends abroad. International calls are usually quite expensive, but with a DID telephone number from you can reduce your calling costs dramatically. Simply get a DID telephone number in the country where your family or friends are located and have them call you at a cheap local rate. If they hold a flat-rate plan for local calls, they can even reach you completely free of charge.
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  • DID Numbers for Privacy :
    Ad in a newspaper? Registered at a dating site? Protect your privacy with a DID number. On any occasion where you are required to hand out your telephone number you can now use virtual telephone number services to protect your privacy. Instead of passing your real telephone number, just pass your virtual DID number and maintain the same flexibility about receiving calls wherever you are. Don't bother buying a second SIM card and an additional cell phone, simply get a DID telephone number in any of 60 countries worldwide and create true anonymity within just a few minutes. Also, of course, through you can also get a DID telephone number in the same country of your residence - it doesn't have to be a number from abroad.
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  • DID Numbers for Traveling :
    When you're abroad simply save on roaming costs with a DID number in your home country. service allows you to bypass roaming charges altogether or at the very least reduce them considerably. Now you can travel overseas with the peace of mind, of knowing that roaming charges will not concern you.
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